Binary State

by Desert Eclipse

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Binary State by Desert Eclipse.


Factories of plastic produce society's static
Routine after routine, spick and span
The children are laughing with eyes and ears shut
Schools and parents pass doctrines of Grow The Hell Up
No time to play, no time to lose
Week after week, plights and plans

Sell your soul, make a quick buck
American dream? You’re shit out of luck
No honor for a military losing their lives
Being fodder for an American Reich
Money is king with no change to back it up
Plutocracy thrives off the worst of us
Silence is key in this gilded age
Reject the dissenters


Hear them come a-marching
Beating a drum of rotten rawhide

Look at the puppets, see how they dance,
They look like little people with little pairs of pants
Watch them speak, watch them pray, gaze at
The scrambling when they haven't been told what to say
Isn't it cute, isn't it neat?
Isn't it such a fucking treat?!
Isn’t it fun, isn’t it rad?
How could something publicized be any bad?!

A house divided surely cannot stand

They cite century old manuscripts
To justify their intolerance
Slavers seeking asylum
Unbeknownst to industrialization
History is catalog of predictable ironies
Morality is but a fleeting zeitgeist
Occupy the cities, blood up to our knees
Tear down these walls, chop down cherry trees

Taking back what was stolen
We smile as Big Brother’s watching
Violence begets violence
Reciprocated gouging leave us blind
Real men fight real fights,
They don’t piss themselves over petty gun rights
The second revolution won’t be fought with arms
Come and keep your comrade warm

Power to the people but people are yet to be found
Power-hungry steeples point to abstract nouns
Power-outlets breed disinformation

Plug in your eyes, unplug your mind
Unpopular opinion is on the rise
Feed them your lies, dispose of our lives
[Unpublished opinion will be your demise]

The Binary State
The only thing we love is our right to hate

One on one
You against us
Tyrant or patriot?
Only prying eyes judge
Become the narrative of complacency
Bow to your corporate masters

Alone, we are nothing
Together, we’re a swarm
“If a plant cannot live according to its (means),
it dies; and so a man”

""- excerpt of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau


released November 4, 2014
David Ruiz
Luis Gonzales
Brian Aguas
Daniel "DeLion"



all rights reserved


Desert Eclipse Hesperia, California

We are Desert Eclipse. We are High Desert Metal.

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