The D​.​E​.​E​.​P.

by Desert Eclipse

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released November 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Desert Eclipse Hesperia, California

We are Desert Eclipse. We are High Desert Metal.

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Track Name: Tattered Dreamscapes
Wandering around this dreamscape,
Looking for some clarity,
It's an escape from reason:
Harsh constraints of Reality!

This universe makes no sense,
All I need is myself
This is a place free from
Conscious and Guilt
I can kill, I can kiss
There's no leap of faith
Liberation in this black space

Wheels within wheels though none is true,
Smoke and mirrors, all I need is you.
This is the world as I see fit,
Lacking in ignorance, greed, and shit
This is the world as I see fit:
Lacking in Ignorance, Greed, and Shit!
Endless potential for human

Humans of a different breed,
Logic that won't concede.
Free specters are sweeping
All for Equality
Utopia in the name of global utility
Call me a dreamer, but this is what could be!

Please, don't wake me!
I just want to sleep...
Shut down that alarm!

You said you were strong, but you couldn't even hold onto your dreams

To every man, what he needs
From him, whatever he can
We have nothing to lose
But our chains and command!
Imagine all the people
Living for their dreams
No more of this nightmarish
Charade of Happiness
Synthetic views of choice for
Those in control
Who are they to dictate
Our Lives!

I want to be free!
Please, come with me
I swear it was more than just a dream!

On this bed, I may be trapped
But in my mind, I can soar
Now, I retreat into my...
(Sleep for eternity, Dream 'til infinity)

And Dream
And Dream
And Dream!
Admit it, You want to see!
Perfection's not fantasy!
Throw out our differences,
And we'll truly be happy!
That's all we need:

That's all we are.
But why are we not all human?
Shut down that alarm!

Wandering around this dreamscape,
Looking for some clarity,
It's an escape from reason:
Harsh constraints of Reality!

Roaming tattered dreamscapes
Hiding from Reality!
A world without reason,
No grasp on Charity!
Track Name: Verbatim
Conformity, Commodity
Perversion of Poverty
Uniqueness, Eugenics
Manipulation of Minds
Class Wars, Chain Whores
Unoriginality Galore
Refusal, Reliance
Try to Penetrate Your Psych

Independence is Questioned
Perseverance is Bested
Then You Take
The Ride!

I need admiration
I want a hero
Give me a corporate cock
To suck on
Image First
Character Second
Did you really expect me to relate to you?!
Shut up and do your fucking job

FM Stations, Product Placements
It's All One Big Charade
Industries Spread Feces
And We Lick Up The Disease
Fueling The Fire
Willfully Ignorant Buyers
Following a Silhouette of Perpetual Shadows Of Fashion
Suicide of Self-Expression
We've Misplaced Admiration

Fuck this faux-individualism that's sweeping the high schools
Look at the big picture, you've already been bought and sold
You're a very special child, and a very boring adult
Shop topical while it's still hot
If we're all unique, we're obviously not

Now send in the clowns...

Eternal Trapezing
And Lots of Appeasing
Endlessly Pleasing
The Masses of Fans
Losing Your Grip
Will Lead to Your Downfall

Demise of the Clowns
Track Name: Monsters Are Not Real
Under your blanket, between the sheets
Door cracked open, dark thoughts come to meet
Late at night, the absence of light
The most subtle of noises cause stirs of fright
You dispel the nonsense, wade through lunacy
Into the safety net of rationality

Dubiously, you play sick fantasies in your mind
Directing outlandish scenes with senses blind
Imagination as limitless as the lack of illuminousity
A tap on the window does all but quell curiosity

Laughing silently, you play off the abrupt happening
More nervously as the syncopation continues haphazardly

Swallowing saliva, you slow your breathing
Chills, shivers invade your privacy
You scoff and crack a grin,
Pranksters' patience will soon wear thin
As the bark of the willow your neighbors are
Reticent to trim

With every sharp
Pang, Pang, Pang,
You feel a dull pain
Your blood pumps at double-time
You blink fast
To hold back
A cry, a shriek, a display of fear
If only to remind yourself you're still alive

"Please shatter," you whisper
Between chugging gasps (swigs of air)
Pillow clenched around your ears,
Your disposition frays (splitting hairs)
Face to the bed,
You beg for its end

"I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die
Just break already, Kill me now, I'm ready for my murder"
You scream helplessly in your head

You lift your head above the sheets
Tasting mucus, the salty rivers stream
Monsters are not real
What's behind the glass will pay for the stealing
Of your sanity
The bedlamite will pay with its life

With your final ounce of strength, you rise
As the room begins to shake

Creeping so swiftly, your legs feel heavy
You grow more dizzy
Stumbling towards the curtains, you bite you lip until it bleeds
With all you got, you pull the fabric to the ground

Is the only sound now

You gaze and gaze,
Falling victim
To your weight
Leaning against the pane,
You wipe your face
You kiss the transparent casing
And close your eyes...

Tap, tap, tap...

Tap, tap, tap
Less than a second later
Tap, tap, tap
You widen and face emptiness, the same view
Tap, tap, tap
From the corner of your eyes
Tap, tap, tap
You glance at the door

Tap, tap, tap
Trapped, trapped, trapped